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It’s a Great Ride: The Port Bolivar Ferry

Bring along a camera and your sense of adventure as you watch an inspirational sunrise or the brilliant orange-red of the setting sun. See shrimp boats sailing with an accompaniment of dolphins and seagulls, or watch our intelligent dolphin friends lead giant oil tankers to and from the port. No matter when you choose to cruise on Galveston’s Port Bolivar Ferry, it’s always a great ride. Since 1934, when the ferry began operating under the auspices of the Texas Department of Transportation, the ferry allows passengers to board on foot or by vehicle, runs 24/7, and is free of charge to all travelers.

Choose the outside observation deck for optimal viewing, or inside seating surrounded by windows and cool air conditioning. Guests planning to visit the Bolivar Peninsula will be rewarded with exceptional views of both the Bolivar Lighthouse and Fort Travis. As many as five ferries may be in operation at once throughout the day, each carrying as many as 70 vehicles, 500 passengers, and six crew members. It’s a wonderful and economical way to see the sights of the area in comfort and style. For more information, call (409) 795-2230.

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Publication Date: 2018-07-03