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stingray swimming at the floor of the ocean

Pet and Feed the Stingrays

Imagine the experience of touching and feeding live stingrays as they splash nearby. At Kemah Boardwalk’s Stingray Reef and Rainforest Exhibit, our unique touch tanks allow anyone to experience the excitement of an up close and personal encounter with these deep-water dwellers. Watch them zoom by the glass windows of the tank, and you can pet them as they eat the fish right out of your hand! Some of them will even swim to the edge and climb out to “beg” you to feed them.

Stingray Reef is fun and educational for both kids and adults, and parents needn’t be concerned, as the Stingray’s stingers have been trimmed back, so there is no danger of being stung. While you’re here, be sure to explore our rainforest exhibit – you’ll see scorpions that glow in the dark, hairy tarantulas, an albino alligator, glittering gold piranhas, turtles, snakes, and much more. For details, click here.

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Publication Date: 2018-08-06