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The Legacy of the Cowboy Continues at the Butler Longhorn Museum

Many folks don’t know that the American Cowboy who became an iconic folk hero nationwide actually originated right here in Texas. By the end of the Civil War, the state was home to over five million cows, and cowboys were in demand. From 1866 – 1886, cowboys were hired for the great cattle drives that took place on the open range. Many of these also became ranch employees, helping to build and repair fences in addition to tending the cattle and the horses of the ranch. They were the heroes of their time, and have been lionized in hundreds of beloved western books and classic movies. 

Numerous organizations and institutions remain today in support of cowboys, what they stood for, and their way of life. The Butler Longhorn Museum has always maintained a special bond with these quintessential legends of the Old West, along with the men and women responsible for the founding of America’s Western cattle empire. The museum exhibits present a close look at the history of Texas Longhorn cattle and the lives of the settlers via a diverse collection of artwork and history exhibits. To learn more about the Butler Longhorn Museum, click here.

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Publication Date: 2017-10-02