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Houston, We Have a Great Day

Almost everyone wants to be an astronaut when they’re a kid, with big plans of doing space walks and rocketing to far-off planets. You can indulge your inner child – or your own, actual child – with a trip to the iconic Space Center Houston, located less than fifteen minutes from our League City resort. Houston’s only Smithsonian affiliate and a recipient of the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence, the center features more than four hundred space artifacts, including shuttle parts, suits, lunar rovers and more! Walk the Starship Gallery and wander inside the Skylab Trainer module, or take the NASA tram tour for a behind-the-scenes look at the NASA Johnson Space Center and see working government facilities. Visitors to the center also can meet an astronaut every Friday during a special presentation with a question and answer portion. Come and hear about their out-of-this-world adventure! 

Fan of the crazy science show Mythbusters? The Mythbusters Explosive Exhibit is open for the summer and uses interactive technology and a hands-on approach that lets visitors take a step into the Mythbusters’ shoe. There are live demonstrations, space-specific myths the show has taken on and myths you can test yourself, along with actual remnants of experiments from the show. If that’s not enough, visitors can also meet show co-host Adam Savage at a special meet and greet at the Space Center Theater (check Space Center Houston website for tickets and availability). 

It’s easy to spend the better part of a day checking out the exhibits. When you get hungry, you can head to the Zero-G Diner for everything from salads and sandwiches to pizza and hamburgers. And be sure to stop by one of the two gift shops for cool and unique NASA souvenirs, perfect for any fan of all things space-related. When you’re ready to come back down to earth, return to South Shore Harbor for a relaxing dip in the pool and a cocktail at our swim-up pool bar. 

Address: 1601 NASA Parkway, Houston

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Publication Date: 2016-06-08

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