View of pool with lounge chairs


gazebo with people on bikes during the sunset

Take a Look at League Park

With its quiet beauty and myriad family-friendly attractions, League Park is one of the best places in the area to experience a day of family fun and play, bond with friends, or just retreat for some quiet relaxation. Located on 2nd Street, the park’s vintage theme, comfy benches, quaint wooden bridge, lush greenery, and Koi pond are ideal for a little peaceful down time, while its gazebo/bandstand, picnic areas, pavilion, playgrounds, and basketball courts provide attractive gathering areas and fun for all.

The park is also a wonderful setting for weddings and other social functions, including children’s birthday parties. The playgrounds at the park have wide walkways and the ground area is a combination of wood chips and recycled rubber for safe landings. There are swing sets for infants, toddlers, and older children, as well as spacious play structures, plastic rock walls, crawling tunnels, monkey bars, slides, and telescopes. Public restrooms with changing tables are located on the other side of the park. For bookings or more information, click here.

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Publication Date: 2017-12-07